A linear,point of attention sensitive,line of ele- ments.The model allows to have all elements constantly present in the frame of perception and glide through them.The focus point increases the scale of the element.A click on the element stores the current attention status in the element and causes it to be more prominent among its neigh- bors.It can therefore be easier found visually.The topography of the elements represents the viewing history.It gives an overview of the preference for elements among greater numbers and very fast seamless access to each of it.In addition to the visual scaling of the elements comes a dynamic expansion of the level of text which is being displayed at a certain degree of attention if an element is reached.This makes it possible ,in spite of limited viewing space,to provide longer verbal description in addition to the image. The linearity of the installation gives a sense of time in the arrangement of the elements and is therefore a possible way to illustrate linear historic image data while allowing the counter position of certain time periods by using the point of attention.