Space -Visual Memory
The following variations focus on the aspect of image space long-term memory.So far the elements demonstrate an immediate dynamic response to the point of attention.By giving the image space memory of its state it becomes pos- sible to have long-term reactions.Essentially this means that space starts to move based on atten- tion and its effects influence its state.The closest comparison I could think of is a geologic land- scape that is being shaped by external and inter- nal forces over time.One standing on such a landscape is unlikely to experience any immediate change.The landscape is however,in constant flux at different scales of time and also shaped by the very people that look at it. The implementation is a pointer model where each pointer has a tendency to aim at the point of attention.The quickness of the response depends on the distance from the point of atten- tion.The speed of the change is exponential to its distance to the point of attention.