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parametric variations
detail exhibition

Initial exhibition design concept - Axel Kilian summer 2004
Exhibition layout and implementation Will Lark, Franco Variani, Ryan Chin, Raul-David Poblano, Brian Spires, Bill Mitchell,Axel Kilian, Patrik Kuenzler, Phil Liang, Mitchell Joachim

finished exhibition
exhibition show case
First exhibition proposal - laying out the idea of a facetted secondary wall in front of the windows to the libraries. The facetts were to present 1-1 views of the cars in different models - wireframe, rendered etc switching within the same model to break up their big size and reflect the multi facetted nature of the exhibition - Axel Kilian May 2004
Idea of wrapping a front view/section car around the corner of the stella room to allow the visitor to walk through the cross section of a car
initial concept car traffic jam sketch
And final version - 30 feet long - Axel Kilian
Finished implemented exhibition after tremendous effort of everyone involved in solving countless problems and corrections of the original design to make it work and produce around 40 3x3 feet high resolution print panels to match the concept
Display case design - clamping the aluminum rail - the same detail attaches the mylar holder and gator board holders - acrylic lasercut
earlier overall collage of transparent mylar sheet with early version of the display case and the varying print styles of the content on each panel