early testkite 2 m2 first kite from surfplan at MITERS, Oct 2002

IAP kitebuilding class Saul Griffith, Axel Kilian, Eric Wilhelm and Tim Anderson IAP2003 - more images

much more info on kitebuilding on www.zeroprestige.org by Saul Griffithwho has taken this much further and made many great kite designs for years and is also relentlessly testing them with Tim Anderson Eric Wilhelm and Dan Goldwater and it all took place at MITERS



finished 12 m2 kite from surfplan Jan 2003
Surfplan - parametric kite modeling program developed by David Aberdeen

Paper prortypes of inflatables hand modeled in form Z , flying on strings to test designs. Started at crissy fields, SF June 2001. Later used papermodel testing with surfplan as well