How to make almost anything - MAS 863

Random music generator - design by Joe Paradiso. An exercise in electronics. It produced quite wonderful soundpatterns
Stepper motor control test using assembly programming
3 axis milling using the modella machine - a table top milling machine capable of milling pieces of about 6x4x2 inches in foam, wood or aluminum
final project with Kyle steinfeld
A piston controlled reconfigurable surface with numerical control through a PIC chip.
Various iterations of piston designs were explored as well as different tests for rubber cast surfaces to carry the cast piece. Fully mechanical functional prototyp was presented.
The exercise was to introduce the PIC chip and the tower development environment. In a group project with David Merril we used electronic drivers for solenoids to create a virtual sensing surface. As one slides the solenoids across the the case their position gets mapped to a height array and the drivers activate the corresponding solenoids
Lasercutter and water jet cutter exercise. I used a surface puzzle joint system developed in Spring1999 in 4.207 . The goal here was to get a better understanding for tolerances and material behavior forced into double curvature. Materials explored were aluminum, chipboard and polycarbon
A sketch for a physical spline modeler motor controlled. The idea is based on an earlier programmed spline surface that is controlled through in and outcoming slope. Devices were 3dprinted to numerically control a physical spline using polar coordinate system positioning
The swing - assignment one called for picking a problem from thinkcycle org

I chose the problem to stop a material transport swing from swinging back by designing a mechanism that allows the swing to stop at any point without fixation.