MOSS is a project by the Emergent Design Group
Principle Investigator:
Peter Testa
, Una May O'Reilly, Devyn Weisner, Markus Kangas, Axel Kilian, Janet Fan
EmergentDesignGroup "MOSS" - Morphogenetic surface structure an exploration of Lindenmeyer based surface growth grammars in a 3D environment with forces. Results were then prototyped using lasercutter.
My contribution was to come up with a concept for a surface solution that could be prototyped and assist in programming the tool as well as produce the documentation.
An recent article in PRAXIS wrongly credits me with being the author of MOSS, I was just a contributor.
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MoSS: Morphogenetic Surface Structure - A Software Tool for Design Exploration
by P. Testa, U.M. O'Reilly, M. Kangas, and A. Kilian

in Proceedings of Greenwich 2000: Digital Creativity Symposium.


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